Elder abuse and neglect are serious issues facing many elderly people in the Atlanta area as they live out their remaining years. While our senior citizens enter nursing homes, assisted living facilities or even stay in their own homes looking for the support and medical care they need, some of our loved ones are taken advantage of because of their vulnerable situation. Some forms of elder abuse are more obvious, like injuries or bed sores while some can be overlooked, leading to deadly consequences.   Silent forms of elder abuse: malnutrition and dehydration can result in severe problems, including death, if not detected and treated.

Elder abuse involving malnutrition and dehydration pose dangerous risks for the elderly. Without proper hydration and nutrition, seniors are more likely to experience a nutrient imbalance and are more susceptible to infections and may be set up for such problems as bedsores. It is a sad reality that many nursing home patients are not able to get their own drinks and food and must rely solely on the institution staff.  If the institution is understaffed or neglectful, the basic needs are not met.

Symptoms of Elder Abuse Involving Malnutrition and Dehydration

If you fear that your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, look for symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition. If your loved one is exhibiting these symptoms please consult their primary physician or get them to the hospital if necessary.


  • Sudden weight loss
  • Tooth decay
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Increased memory loss or mental decline
  • Inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Confusion


  • Dry skin
  • Sudden loss of appetite
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Dark colored urine

As soon as you see the signs, report nursing home abuse to the authorities and secure a nursing home neglect attorney. If you or someone you love is suffering or has been suffering from these types of situations, contact us.  Attorney David Crawford has the experience and knows exactly where to start.  If the initial facts warrants further legal investigation, David and his team will gather information about the patient’s history so that he has a complete understanding of how, and when, this occurred.  He will work with you and others to develop a detailed time line to understand what happened to your loved one, any warning signs that were ignored by the nursing home staff and what could have been done to avoid the problem. In essence, David will show you the negligent acts and omissions that may have occurred and help you understand the case prior to filing any lawsuit.

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