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Whether you need help in a civil matter or a trial lawyer by your side, we are here with you, explaining your options and seeking solutions.  We represent clients charged with DUIs, misdemeanors and felonies and we understand the impact of a criminal record.

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Even traffic citations and DUIs have potential serious consequences. For the best outcome, turn for legal help from the Law Offices of David Crawford. Attorney David Crawford is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully helped many clients with reduced charges, parole instead of jail time, reduced prison sentence and dismissal of charges.

Speeding Tickets and Traffic Citations

It’s not uncommon for folks to be driving down the highway excited about their destination and then to hear the telltale sound of a police siren. Twenty minutes later, you’ve got a hefty speeding ticket. From red light tickets to speeding tickets, attorney David Crawford will work hard to:

  • Avoid your wasting valuable time fighting the traffic ticket in court
  • Keep additional points off of your driving record
  • Prevent skyrocketing insurance rates resulting from a traffic ticket.

DUI Assistance

Getting a DUI comes along with many potential consequences, including loss of license, possible jail time and a criminal record. But just because you’re charged with a DUI doesn’t mean that you are automatically guilty. As an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney, David Crawford will weigh the evidence against you and build a strong case. He will explore every avenue to help avoid a conviction. For example, if you took the breath test on a sloped wide of a roadway, your rights may have been compromised. And if you had an existing physical impairment, it may have negatively affected your road side test. It’s also not uncommon for breathalyzer to deliver flawed results. The equipment may have been faulty. In addition to developing a strong defense strategy, attorney David Crawford may be able to get the DUI charge reduced to reckless driving.

Attorney David Crawford also provides legal representation for other types of crimes, such as assault, robbery and trespassing. During the discovery phase, he gathers all of the facts, such as witness statements, crime scene photos and ballistic reports to develop his defense strategy. And in the courtroom, he’s an aggressive litigator before the judge and jury.

Whether you’re facing a DUI, speeding ticket or other criminal charge, turn to the Law Office of David Crawford for the best outcome.

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22:01 04 Feb 22
Positive: ProfessionalismI’m deaf and lawyer help me a lot and understand communication.
Jon Goog
Jon Goog
01:04 20 Jan 22
David Crawford assisted me through consultation for my first speeding ticket and was very honest.
Susan Susor
Susan Susor
04:18 23 Nov 21
David Crawford was a pleasure to work with in regards to my college age daughter’s traffic ticket. We did not want her to get 3 points added to her drivers license, so he explained what needed to be done in order to get the outcome we wanted in court. He represented my daughter in court, so she did not have to miss any college classes by going to court and in the end, it all turned out the way we wanted thanks to David Crawford. Would definitely use him again, but hope to not need his services!
Porsche Sullivan
Porsche Sullivan
01:46 10 Sep 21
Thanks for everything, hire him, you won’t be sorry!
Jackson Armstrong
Jackson Armstrong
02:36 07 Aug 21
could not have been happier with his professionalism and optimism. very calm and collected and knows exactly how the system operates. definitely got me out of a pickle. 11/10
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