It is very common for new drivers, especially those in their teens, to get speeding tickets while driving during the first few months.   And more often than not, parents want to simply pay the ticket, believing that this will be the end of the ordeal.  Sometimes, it is not that simple and this is where an experienced criminal defense lawyer for traffic tickets in Georgia can help you save your child’s driving record and more.

Georgia Law on Speeding Tickets

You may not realize it, but in Georgia, traffic offenses are criminal offenses.  That means that when an officer issues a citation for speeding, failing to yield, or any number of traffic based offenses, these are criminal citations which require a court appearance unless the fine is paid in advance.  There are some citations that cannot be paid without a court appearance such as driving without insurance.   For those where there is an option of paying a fine,  payment of that fine is an admission of guilt, and in many cases, those charges can add points to your child’s driving record.  For a young, or newly licensed driver, that means higher insurance rates and possibly a suspension of the license, depending on the charges.  In addition, there are specific laws that govern speeding.  You can read more about that law in our article on Georgia’s Super Speeder Law here.

Teen Driving Laws in Georgia

Because Georgia has very strict laws for teen drivers, this can add to the complexity of the legal situation and consequences.  What’s really important is that all of the options are explored BEFORE anything is done.  It’s best to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer for traffic tickets in Georgia before you pay the ticket or attend the court hearing. Teens have limited hours of driving and any violations can affect their record going forward.  These things may not seem like much right now.  However, when your child needs to drive to their first job, the last thing you want to do as a parent is haul them back and forth to work because of a mistake they made which wasn’t handled properly.

How To Help Your Teen

If your child has received any citations, or arrests, contact us.  David knows Georgia law.  He will work with you to find the best solution for you and your family.  Contact us here. 


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