News channels and investigators all over the US continue to report stories with headlines such as:

Woman pushes for cameras to prevent elder abuse

DOJ Elder Abuse Cases

Those are just two links in a long list of cases that made the news.  Many more take place, quietly, behind the scenes, and never come to light.  Some of these abuse cases have been going on for years with patient after patient.  So, why do some cases make headlines while others continue without anyone’s notice?  Several reasons can exist for this.

Family Absence

Elderly persons in a nursing home or other facility may be abused without notice because of a lack of family visitors.  When there are no children or others to look for the signs of abuse, it goes unnoticed.  Family members who come in for visits will often reach in for a hug and notice bruising or stiffness, a broken bone, bed sores or pressure sores and can begin an investigation into his or her loved one’s care.  Without this, it is up to other caregivers to notice and to “rat out” their co-workers.

Inability to Speak For Themselves

Probably the saddest and most painful fact of all, is that our elderly loved ones can be taken advantage of simply because they can no longer speak out to stop it.  Think about that for a moment.  Left in a nursing home or other facility day after day, for the remaining years of their lives, being abused or mistreated should be the last thing anyone needs to worry about.  They should be pampered, loved, treated with the best medical care in the world. However, the sad fact is that they are often the targets of abuse simply because they cannot tell anyone about it.  Some are overcome with dementia or Alzheimers making much of their memory questionable.  Some are unable to speak due to physical ailments like strokes.  Many are able to communicate but not effectively or to the correct persons.

A Voice for the Elderly

If you or someone you love is in a nursing home, assisted living, hospital, hospice or other facility and is or has been suffering from abuse, contact us.  Attorney David Crawford has the experience and knows exactly where to start.  If the initial facts warrant further legal investigation, David and his team will gather information about the patient’s history so that he has a complete understanding of how, and when, this occurred.  He will work with you and others to develop a detailed time line to understand what happened to your loved one, any warning signs that were ignored by the nursing home staff and what could have been done to avoid the problem. In essence, David will show you the negligent acts and omissions that may have occurred and help you understand the case prior to filing any lawsuit.

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