Imagine you are driving your regular business route from Alabama to South Carolina.  It’s a beautiful day as you travel along I-75 through Atlanta, Georgia. As you sing along to songs from the radio, traffic is light and you are making excellent time for a mid-Monday morning trip.  Suddenly you see blue lights in your rear view mirror and look down to see that you are going nearly 90 miles per hour.  You panic as you pull over to the side of the road knowing this is going to be hard to explain to your boss.  You are in your company truck,  on company time, on a business trip.  Your troubles are just beginning as you learn that your ticket is going to be extra costly due to Georgia’s Super Speeder Law.

What is Georgia’s Super Speeder Law?

HB160 became known as the Super Speeder Law aimed to slow down drivers in Georgia.  The law provides a $200 additional fine for anyone who is convicted of driving over 85 miles per hour on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour on any two lane road or highway.  Here’s how it works,

  • You receive a ticket for going 85 on a highway.
  • You are convicted upon your payment of the speeding ticket because you are pleading guilty to the charge.
  • After you pay, you are sent a bill for an additional $200 because you are then designated as a Super Speeder.
  • You have 120 days to pay this.
  • Failure to pay the fine can result in suspension of your license.

Is Super Speeder a Felony?

A Super Speeder ticket is a misdemeanor. Super Speeder is simply a designation the State of Georgia gives certain speeding offenses. It is an additional financial penalty levied by the state. Although it is only another financial penalty, it should be taken seriously since it can lead to a lose of license if not handled correctly.

How Many Points Can You Get On Your License For a Super Speeder?

The Georgia point system is the same for all speeding convictions—super speeder or not. If you get 15 points in 24 months, your license will be suspended. Each offense carries a penalty between two to six points according to the breakdown provided by Georgia Department of Driver Services .

15 to 18 mph over speed limit2 Points
19 to 23 mph over speed limit3 Points
24 to 33 mph over speed limit4 Points
34 mph or more over speed limit6 Points

It should be noted that each state handles the license point system differently.  However most states do recognize out of state tickets and will assign some points on the driving record for violations that result in convictions.

Fighting The Ticket / Saving Your License

Do not just pay the ticket.  It’s important that you speak to an attorney first.  Learn your options.  Paying that ticket means admitting guilt.  An attorney may be able to negotiate the ticket before you pay it so that it will no longer meets the requirements of a Super Speeder.

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