If you are facing criminal charges, you may think hiring an attorney is a waste of money.  You may be concerned that it will just cost too much.  In fact, even if you plan to plead “guilty” for your charges, having your own attorney is critical. For one thing, pleading guilty may not be your best option. Without having a lawyer, you may believe that pleading guilty is your only choice when it isn’t. Hiring an attorney can save you money, rather than costing you more.

Let’s imagine you were arrested for public intoxication at a party where there were minors and charged with contributing to a minor.  Even if you were drinking at the party where there were underage drinkers, you may not need to plead guilty to that specific charge.  Much of this will depend on the evidence and the expertise of your lawyer.  A good defense lawyer can gather the information, review your options and help you make the correct decision.  Hiring an attorney can save you money, possible jail time and hopefully save your record.

You may also think that you do not need a lawyer for traffic tickets or a DUI.  However, even traffic citations have potential serious consequences.  You can have hefty fines, have points added to your driving record, or even lose your privilege to drive.  The best way to prevent this is to work with an attorney immediately.

For the best outcome, turn for legal help from the Law Offices of David Crawford. Attorney David Crawford is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully helped many clients with reduced charges, parole or probation instead of jail time, reduced prison sentence and dismissal of charges.

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