Is Fighting A CDL Ticket Advisable?

Hiring a traffic attorney to fight for you in against a CDL driving offense in GA is definitely worth the money.  To be employed as a CDL driver, most employers will require that you have a clean driving record.  Having any type of record for driving violations, especially those while employed as a CDL driver can harm your chances at securing a good job or even being promoted where you current work.

When you contact David Crawford, he understands that you only have one driving record.  He understands the importance of working to reduce your violation and any points that may be associated with that ticket.  He works to reduce fines and fees for speeding, violations of the move over law, improper lane changes, or even load violations.  He can also assist you if you have been cited or arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Georgia’s court system is tough on commercial drivers.  Having an attorney work for you can help with your options.  Because of how quickly the violations on a driving record can affect you, fighting a CDL ticket is advisable.  You can contact David and upload your citation here by visiting our home page.

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