If you have read the news over the last few days, you may have seen that a metro Atlanta pastor was arrested when a visit to his home uncovered 8 people locked in a basement area.  It’s not very often that this type of situation makes front page news.  This story is egregious on many levels.  Each of the 8 people were either mentally or physically disabled and unable to care for themselves.  Some of them were elderly.  The pastor and his wife had allegedly deadbolted these people into a room and were taking care of their finances, medicines and more.  According to the police department spokesperson, “the couple was in control of the disabled individuals’ finances, medications and benefits and the individuals had been denied medical care in some instances.” 

It wasn’t made clear how these individuals came to be in the pastor and his wife’s care or in their home.  Information has yet to come to light about whether any of them were missing from their loved ones.  Either way, this article brings up several points and we wanted to take the time to point them out.

Elderly Are Vulnerable

Our elderly friends and loved ones are often the first ones who become victims to scams.  They do not want to ask for help and want to maintain their independence.  It is up to family members and friends to follow up regularly to ensure that they have adequate care on all levels. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are they taking their medicines as they should?
  • Do they need help with daily tasks?
  • Is someone taking them to the doctor and keeping their appointments if that is necessary?

Situations like the above should NEVER happen.  We have several articles on ways to recognize elder abuse, including malnutrition, bedsores, negligence and more.

Check out the following articles:

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