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Client Reviews

Our client reviews mean everything to us.  We want our clients to know that we are in their corner, fighting for justice and that they can depend on us for solutions to their legal issues and concerns.

If you were a client and would like to submit a client review, we would love to have your feedback.  Please fill out the form below with your name, email and your comments.  We won’t publish any confidential or identifying information about you or your case here or anywhere else.

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Great Experience

I received a Traffic Ticket for speeding in GA! What a nightmare that is! Looked around for a Attorney but some of the reviews had me scared to hire them. I came across David Crawford and he had Great reviews! I hired him and Got ticket reduced no points no reporting to DDS and no super speedy ticket! He kept in touch with so I didn’t have to worry and promptly answered questions! Definitely hire him worry free and Worth it!! Ty Wilson another Attorney helped and he was great too! I will definitely refer to my friends and family! Thanks Again!



- Malachi (5 star review)


Helped me to clear my traffic ticket

I failed to follow move over law and got ticket. David advised me to take a defensive driving course and helped me to reduce the charge in my case. He handled my case without me appeared in the court. 
Thank you! for your help.


Highly Recommended

David cares greatly about his clients. When looking for an attorney I wanted to find someone who would take personal interest in my case and not just consider me to be a number or a paycheck. He has become a friend since working with him and I greatly recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney who represents his clients fairly and with great interest in the outcome of their trial.

- Kathleen (5 star review)


Got Me a Second Chance

I had a charge that could potentially ruin my life. Luckily I had Mr. Crawford on my side. He was able to negotiate a great plea deal for me that meant I got a second chance and meant I was able to have my life back on track. Mr. Crawford was always timely, professional and kept me updated throughout the process. Very pleased with the results he was able to achieve.

(5 star review)


Compassionate and Knowledgable – A True Professional!

I have known David Crawford for over 10 years and have known him to be a resolute champion of the rights of his clients.

David is intellectually smart while maintaining the highest of ethics. His gentlemanly demeanor and easy-going style make you comfortable throughout the entire process yet his tenacity in court illustrates his fierce advocacy on behalf of his clients. He tirelessly gives his clients his all, gets great results and is extremely well respected by his peers.

He has been the leader of several legal associations and bar associations in the Atlanta area. He is an active member of his community outside of the law and continuously and unselfishly donates his time and resources to helping people and organizations do good in the Atlanta area.

David works extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients. I know – I’ve been a client of his in the past and will continue to call on him should I need compassionate legal advice in the future.

If you want peace of mind during the trying times that surround a legal matter – call on David Crawford.

He’ll put you at ease all while making sure you get justice.

- Niall (5 star review)


Changed My Life

David Crawford gave me the best legal advice I could have asked for and my case had the best possible outcome I could have received. I would recommend him to anyone I know. It really changed my life.

- Amy (5 star review)


Great Experience!

I had a very good experience with this company. Mr Crawford was really helpful along the way and he explained me every step.He called me back every time I had questions. I got zero points on my record with a dismission of the super speeder title, all i had to do is pay a fee. I am really glad that I chose Mr Crawford. He doesn't have a high fee for his services and that was really important for me as well. Mr. Richard was representing me at the court and he is such a great person as well. Quality of work is great and I recommend this company if you looking for someone to take the stress out of your shoulders.

- By Tatiana Tsaruk on 11/17/2016 (Published on RateABiz) (5 star review)

  Ms. Tsaruk, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to represent you in this case. Let us know if we can ever be of assistance in the future. Thank you, David

Very efficient strategies

I used David for complicated case I was involved in. He was there at every court date very prepared and was able to lead me towards my best option.His ability to work the system efficiently got my case dismissed and preserve my record.I thank him for his effort and all the help I received.I would recommend him.

By By Yamily Mijes- OReilly on 07/03/2016 (5 star review)
Yamily, it was a pleasure to work with you. Justice prevailed. Take care. David

Personal Service - A True Professional

I hired David S. Crawford Esq. several years ago to help resolve a business dispute I had. In a very tense and emotionally charged situation Mr. Crawford helped me to calm down lol and see the big picture. In a friendly and personal way he dealt with the other side so that we actually came out ahead. He has also handled trial matters for us with finesse and has been successful every single time. I have no hesitation in recommending David Crawford for your legal needs.

By Niall Cronnolly  (5 star review)

No Worries

Based on earlier reviews, I decided to hire David to handle a stop sign case because I couldn't afford to have the points added to my license. I contacted him via this site and he responded extremely quick and provided me with straight forward information and affordable pricing. I'm happy to report that he was able to get my ticket reduced to a basic rules violation. I am extremely happy with the result and I highly recommend him.


-Glover (5 Star Review)


Excellent lawyer

I called couple of other lawyers before David. But, what stand was he answered the phone, and returned my call back, instead of secretary or some random person. He took care of the case very efficiently. Even i was out of the state resident and with my busy schedule he presented the case. He just told me what he needed and i send it through email. I did not had to remind him of the court dates he was on top of everything. I highly recommend him to any other person who had an accident in Georgia, which is fairly common if you drive in Atlanta


-anonymous (5 Star Review)


Super Speeding Ticket

I got a super speeder ticket 86mph in a 70. Was willing to pay the $195 fine, just didn't want the points on my license or have to pay the extra $200 fine for going above 85.

I called several attorneys who quoted me $600- $1500, told me I would have to appear in court and couldn't guarantee me that the county would agree to lower my speed to avoid the super speeder fine.

When I spoke with David, he quoted me a reasonable rate, stated I wouldn't have to take off work to appear in court and was very confident he could get the speed reduced to avoid the fine. He would provide me periodic updates as my case progressed (unprompted) and delivered on getting my speed reduced and fine rescinded.

All things considered, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend David.


-Paul(5 Star Review)


Traffic Ticket

David is a great asset to have at you side when it is regarding any speeding or traffic infraction. I had a speeding ticket in Johns Creek for 65 in a 45, however with David representing me it was dismissed! He is currently working with me for a couple other tickets in a different city, and I am very confident with David's decades of experience I will have the best outcome possible.

  • Nicholas (5 Star)



Traffic Ticket Lowered and No Points Applied

David was wonderful to work with! He was able to lower my traffic ticket and have no points apply against my license. He responds promptly to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case. Will definitely recommend to friends and family in need of a good lawyer.



Great Lawyer.

Great lawyer. Worked out a very reasonable plea for my super speeder ticket. No punts added and no increased insurance premiums. I definitely learned to be safer while driving and pay attention to my speed. Mr. Crawford comes highly recommended in my book! Will look his way first if I ever find myself needed it some legal representation again. Thank you !!!!!

Most Professional Legal Counsel You Will Encounter

David is the most ethical, knowledgeable and effective legal counsel. He is a gentleman with the highest integrity and provides excellent legal service. Words to describe David would be “Diligent, honest, responsive, extremely effective and accessible”. I would recommend him without hesitation. He is the best attorney I have encountered. Excellent.

- David (5 star review)


Very Thoughtful

David is a very thoughtful attorney. He not only provides his legal expertise but also will proactively give you the life balance of your legal situation. In other words he is very aware that legal matters for his clients are not normal situations and that the proceedings put a lot of stress on you.

His written arguments are particularly strong. He will research a legal matter thoroughly until he finds supporting law and legal precedent to support each and every point he is trying to make. I’m very happy with David’s representation of me.

- Jim (5 star review)


Helpful and Has a Heart

David is excellent. Helpful and has a heart for what he does. He has helped our 501c/ Abba House on many different occasions and we have been extremely grateful to have his support. He has been available.. He has been extremely detailed and explained things in a way we could comprehend. Many of the women in our residential program can not afford an attorney and David has been more than fair. I would recommend him highly. I thank God for him.

- Jada (5 star review)


High quality service, very proffesional and extreamly easy to work with

David helped me with a speeding ticket. It was a great experience , he hardly took any time from me. All I have to do is to give him all the details and he took care of the rest, the outcome is positive and I am happy. I highly recommend him.

By Mahesh k on 07/27/2016 (Published on RateABiz) (5 star review)

Thank you for using our services. Glad we could help. Please call again if the need arises. Take care, David

Very Good At What He Does

David successfully lowered a ticket for me, resulting in no points on my license. He is very good at what he does, will return emails very quickly, and I will be referring him to family and friends in the future.

By Jessie Thompson on 07/21/2016 (Published on RateABiz)(5 star review)
Ms. Thompson, thank you for the kind words. We will be happy to help you or anyone else at any time. Thanks, David

My Experience and Others That Were Recommended

I have worked with David on more than one occasion dealing with Insurance companies. I had an extremely professional experience with him on each occasion and recommend his services to anyone. He and his firm finalized the two cases and got me more money than I expected and in a smaller time frame than anticipated. I recommend David to everyone and anyone that I hear is having legal difficulties.

By Tom DOWDLE on 06/21/2016 (5 star review)
Thank you Tom. I appreciate the kind words and fast response. Always a pleasure to help you and your family. Thank you again. David

Charge Haggled

Mr. Crawford promptly responded and suggested potential results of my case. He gathered the necessary materials from me and communicated with the Court within 1 business day. Most importantly, he mentioned that it is unnecessary for me to present on Court.

When the Court date arrives, Mr. Crawford presented on my behalf and strive for cancelling the charge based on the evidences we prepare. However, the prosecutor disagreed. Then, Mr. Crawford turned to the alternate solution that requesting to change the charge from Moving Violation to non-Moving Violation, and then he succeeded.

The cost is reasonable on my case, plus I did not need to visit the court (~100 mi away from me). Therefore I recommend Mr. Crawford to solve your traffic ticket.


-Fred(5 Star Review)


Hiring Mr. Crawford was the best choice I could have made!

Mr. Crawford was extremely professional and very helpful with handling my traffic citation. He acted very quickly in a time sensitive situation. He kept in touch with me every step of the way and followed through in every detail until the case was resolved. I would highly recommend him.


-Lisa(5 Star Review)


Atlanta Court Case

I highly recommend Mr. David Crawford. He handled my case at a reasonable price, I did not have to travel back to Atlanta, Georgia to return to the court. Mr. Crawford represented me in the court, he asked me a few detailed questions regarding the case and took it from there. The end result, he had my case dropped and there were no other payments, penalties, or fines.


-Dezmen(5 Star Review)