Each state has its own set of laws regarding rules of the highways.  The State of Georgia is no different in that respect.  Some of the laws in Georgia are stricter, while some are not.  All states have mandatory seat belt laws, speed restrictions and requirements on obtaining a driver’s license at a certain age.  What makes Georgia different?  What types of things can cause you to get a ticket on Georgia’s highways? Here are some things you should know about tickets in Georgia.

Speeding in Georgia

Speeding in Georgia is a big thing.  Georgia has what’s known as the Super Speeder Law.  Basically, the law provides a $200 additional fine for anyone who is convicted of driving over 85 miles per hour on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour on any two lane road or highway.  It is a misdemeanor, however, it can have far reaching ramifications on you as a driver.

Driving without Insurance in Georgia

Getting caught driving without insurance in Georgia will land you in serious trouble.  It results in going to court, possibly being fined and posing your license for a period of time.  Depending on the circumstance, you can find yourself in jail.

Why is it required to have auto insurance? This is to protect drivers in the event of an automobile accident or collision.  Let’s say you have a fender bender and you are determined to be at fault.  Your insurance company will be responsible for payment for damages to the vehicles as well as any medical bills incurred during the collision.  Now, let’s assume in that same fender bender, you are NOT the one at fault and the other driver has no insurance.  The estimates indicate that there is a large amount of damage done to your car because of the impact.  Turns out, it was more than a fender bender.  Who pays for this since the other driver has no insurance?

If Georgia did not require insurance, there would be no recourse, penalties or otherwise.  We would all have to pay for damages out of our pocket.  Requiring insurance keeps most of us with enough to pay for damages to the auto.

Can You Go To Jail for a Traffic Ticket in Georgia

This is a frequently asked question.  Technically, you can go to jail for any violation of the law if you refuse to obey the officers at the scene.  You can go to jail if you are intoxicated and refuse to take a roadside test, because they are going to take you in and have another test administered.  It is their job to keep someone who is impaired off the road.  It is also your right to refuse the test.  You can be taken to jail if you cause a scene during a traffic stop that creates a sense of danger for the officers or public.  It’s always best to provide what the officers ask for, do not offer any information, answer in Yes or No only and do not allow a search.  If you are detained or arrested, ask for an attorney and do not speak without your attorney present.

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