If you have never been to court before, you may no idea on how you should conduct yourself or how to dress.  Here are some helpful tips for attending court .

Location Matters

Every court room is different.  Judges have personalities too, and they have their own way of running a court room.  Some judges are very quick and curt.  Others want to hear more details about the your legal situation.  Either way, having a lawyer that knows the courts will help you.

Dress Matters

Judges demand respect in their courtrooms.  Dress appropriately – it is not necessary to wear a suit, however you should wear something that you may wear to a job interview, religious service or business gathering.  Be clean and comfortable.


Address the Court properly.  If you speak to the Court (Judge), speak clearly, use words rather than gestures and speak in a normal volume.  Refer to your Judge as “Your Honor”. Never argue with the opposing party when appearing before the Judge.  Direct all of your comments and responses to the Judge.


Leave your children home.  Regardless of which Court you attend, children do not belong there.  Subject matter in Court may not be appropriate for them.  You never know what is on the Court calendar for that day so plan accordingly and have someone keep your children while you are gone.

Attendance Matters

Being on time is critical.  Check in where directed.  Stand when the Judge enters and exits the room.  Do not talk, use your phone or sleep while court is in session.  Food and drinks should never be taken into the courtroom, even if you plan to be there for a full day.

Other Etiquette

While it may be tempting to speak to others during your time in the courtroom, do not do so.  The whispering is not only distracting to those around you but it is disrespectful to those speaking in front of the Court.

Attending court can be scary.  You may feel anxious, nervous or even unprepared.  These tips for attending court will help remove some of that anxiety.  If you are still concerned, hiring an attorney can lessen many of these concerns.  Your lawyer will speak for you in most instances, can help you with your decisions and will be with you each and every step of the way.  If you are required to appear in court for a civil or criminal offense, (even a traffic offense), David Crawford can help.  Contact our office today.  Contact Us

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