Imagine the following: You are driving home late one evening.  Maybe you worked late.  Maybe you are a college student and you met a study group to prepare for upcoming finals.  When you are about half the way home, you see blue lights in your rear view mirror.  You pull over, providing your license, registration and insurance as requested.  The officer asks if you have been drinking.  You tell him respectfully and truthfully that you have not.  He asks you to step out of the vehicle.  You ask him why.  He tells you he suspects you of drinking and driving and provides no other information.  He uses a breathalyzer on you and then asks if you have been smoking marijuana.  You answer that you have not.  He asks about other illegal drugs.  You state that you have not taken any illegal substances.  He asks you to place your hands behind your back.  You ask why he is arresting you and he states, “You’re showing me indicators that you have been smoking marijuana.”  Stunned, frightened but also angry, you catch yourself before you say something that may make the situation worse.  You were not drinking.  You had not smoked marijuana and had never ingested any other illegal drugs.

If the above scenario seems like something that cannot happen, think again.  It has – and it does, right here in Georgia.   The part that is most upsetting about these arrests is that these individuals were INNOCENT and it took them months for their charges to be dismissed.  They each lost something during the time they waited for this to work through the system.

If you should find yourself in a situation such as this, you have the right to an attorney.  As an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney, David Crawford will weigh the evidence against you and build a strong case.  If you have been wrongly charged, he will fight for you and explore every avenue to help avoid a conviction.  We hope you are never in a situation where you have to make a phone call to a DUI attorney, but if you are, make sure you call the best – David Crawford. 




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