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Jury Trials

Although many legal matters are resolved solely through the decision of a judge or a small panel of judges, jury trials remain common for certain types of criminal and personal injury cases. This type of trial can prove beneficial for those dealing with deeply emotional cases in which prejudicial evidence may be ignored by a judge. If your current legal situation involves a jury trial, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who boasts a history of success with this type of legal proceeding. Feel free to get in touch with David S. Crawford, an Atlanta-based criminal defense and personal injury attorney with an impressive background in jury trials.

Right To A Jury Trial

In the state of Georgia, all residents are guaranteed the right to a jury trial. Thus, those who request a trial by jury cannot be turned down. Once a jury has been selected, the members must listen to the evidence presented by the client, his or her lawyer and any witnesses, as well as evidence provided by the opposing party. The judge can instruct the jury on the logistics of the case, but only the members of the jury can determine the outcome.

Choosing A Lawyer For Jury Trials

Serving as a legal advocate in a case decided by a jury is far different than providing representation for a non-jury trial or a trial by arbitration. Instead of solely appealing to a judge or a panel of judges, the lawyer handling the case must make his or her case in front of several members of the local community. The ability to thoroughly research any given case is important, of course, but a truly talented jury trial lawyer can also appeal to the emotions of the jury members. Additionally, the ideal attorney will be capable of educating his or her clients about the entirety of the trial process. Clients need to know how to conduct themselves in court; this information is best imparted by a loyal legal advocate.

Thoroughly familiar with the trial by jury process, David S. Crawford knows what it takes to win over the members of an Atlanta jury. From criminal defense to personal injury cases, he is willing to assist his valued clients with a wide array of cases resolved through trial by jury. No matter the nature of your case, you can count on David S. Crawford, Esq. to secure a favorable resolution.

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