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Whether you need help in a civil matter or a trial lawyer by your side, we are here with you, explaining your options and seeking solutions.  We represent clients charged with DUIs, misdemeanors and felonies and we understand the impact of a criminal record.


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Whether you need help in a civil matter or a trial lawyer by your side, we are here with you, explaining your options and seeking solutions.  We represent clients charged with DUIs, misdemeanors and felonies and we understand the impact of a criminal record.

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Everyone has the right to their day in court.  Whether it's a minor traffic offense or a more serious criminal charge, you have a right to be heard and a right to a trial by jury.  We will help you navigate the correct path, helping you understand your options.

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David S. Crawford, Esq. has been putting his clients' legal needs first since 2001. He has focused his litigation and jury trial practice on traffic tickets, speeding and super speeding citations, motor vehicle collisions, personal injury, criminal cases and uncontested divorce. Attorney David Crawford offers his clients effective legal solutions and has a lengthy track record of success. Compassionate, yet a firm believer of justice, David is fair and honest with his clients.  

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Even traffic citations and DUIs have potentially serious consequences. For the best outcome, turn to the Law Offices of David Crawford. Attorney David Crawford is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully helped many clients with reduced charges, parole instead of jail time, reduced prison sentence, and dismissal of charges.

Elder abuse, a critical and often overlooked issue, is a growing concern in today’s aging society. Especially prevalent in nursing homes, this form of abuse manifests in various ways, deeply impacting the elderly and their families. Bedsores and pressure sores can be fatal if not recognized and treated. 

As a Georgia attorney specializing in elder care and nursing home abuse, I aim to shed light on this poignant subject, offering legal guidance and representation to those affected.

Although many legal matters are resolved solely through the decision of a judge or a small panel of judges, jury trials remain common for certain types of criminal and personal injury cases. This type of trial can prove beneficial for those dealing with deeply emotional cases in which prejudicial evidence may be ignored by a judge. If your current legal situation involves a jury trial, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who boasts a history of success with this type of legal proceeding. Feel free to get in touch with David S. Crawford, an Atlanta-based criminal defense and personal injury attorney with an impressive background in jury trials.

10 Tips To Beating a Ticket in GA

10 Tips To Beating a Ticket in GA Georgia is tough on drivers.  If you are stopped for any type of offense, there are things you can do to mitigate your chances of getting a ticket or being arrested or both.  Here is a list of things you can do to help if you get...

GA Commercial Driver’s License Violations

GA Commercial Driver’s License Violations Large trucks cause a number of auto accidents on the highways and roads in Georgia.  Because of the increased potential of harm, or even death that can result from these accidents, Georgia holds CDL drivers to much higher...

Is fighting a CDL ticket advisable?

Is Fighting A CDL Ticket Advisable? Hiring a traffic attorney to fight for you in against a CDL driving offense in GA is definitely worth the money.  To be employed as a CDL driver, most employers will require that you have a clean driving record.  Having any type of...

What Happens If You Do Not Pay Your Ticket In Georgia

Georgia has some interesting traffic laws and while you do not need to know everything about them, you should know what happens if you do not pay your ticket in Georgia.  Failure to pay your citation will likely get your driving privileges suspended.  The Georgia...

Personal Care Home Arrest for False Imprisonment

If you have read the news over the last few days, you may have seen that a metro Atlanta pastor was arrested when a visit to his home uncovered 8 people locked in a basement area.  It's not very often that this type of situation makes front page news.  This story is...

Question: Do Traffic Lawyers Really Work?

Although the question in the title of this article can have a double meaning, the intent is pretty clear.  Someone has received a traffic citation and wants to know if it's worth it to hire a lawyer to represent him/her for that citation.  And at any rate, the answer...

COVID is Not An Excuse For Bedsores

COVID has created some challenges in nearly all aspects of our lives.  Education and jobs have been put on hold.  Healthcare has seen a massive intake of patients due to Covid or the after effects.  In spite of these obstacles there is no excuse for our health care...

How Do You Convince A Judge In Traffic Court

As a lawyer, one of the most common questions we get, is how to convince a judge to see the facts our way. Everyone wants to know the answer to that question, including the lawyers! Although there is no magical formula, I wanted to take the time to list the most...

What To Say in Traffic Court

If you are fighting a traffic ticket in court, you may be wondering what to say in traffic court.  You definately want to be prepared rather than walking in and winging it.  This is one of those times when having a solid plan will come to your advantage.  So, how do...

Getting a traffic ticket as an Uber or Lyft driver

I think we all agree that getting a traffic ticket is frustrating.  Yet most of us have had one at some point in our lives.  We are running late, we go a little fast and just like that, we get a speeding ticket.  It's so annoying because we knew better and should have...

Do I Need a Lawyer For Traffic Tickets in Georgia

It is very common for new drivers, especially those in their teens, to get speeding tickets while driving during the first few months.   And more often than not, parents want to simply pay the ticket, believing that this will be the end of the ordeal.  Sometimes, it...

Jussie Smollett – Pretrial Diversion

Sometimes facts are truly stranger than fiction and the Jussie Smollett case is strange indeed. If you are following the news, you have heard that all charges have been dropped against Smollett without any explanation. How can this be the case, many are wondering....

Failure to Appear

A failure to appear in court in the state of Georgia can get you locked up.  That means jail time.  When you receive a traffic ticket, you are asked to sign the ticket.  Your signature states that you will appear in court unless the ticket is paid before the court...

What is Marsy’s Law?

Marsy's Law became effective in 2019 in Georgia when it was incorporated into Georgia's Crime Victims Bill of Rights.  It provides specific rights to the victims of crimes.  This article will details the origins of Marsy's Law and how it is helping crime victims in...

How Facebook Posts Can Hurt Your Case

Facebook is still the most popular game in town.  Although it began with teens, it has now become the most popular online app across the world with young and old, alike.  People use it for a variety of reasons, personal and business.  Think about the ways we use...

5 Tips About Your Driving License

Clients often ask about ways to prevent losing their license after being ticketed for speeding.  Here are some tips regarding your driving license. If you receive a speeding ticket driving over 85 miles per hour on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour on any two...

It’s Your Right To Ask A Lawyer

Asking for an attorney, If you are being questioned by the police is YOUR right.  It does not matter if you have committed a crime or not.  You have the right to counsel.  It's one of the most basic and fundamental of rights of our justice system - the right to...

You May Need An Investigator If Your Loved One Is In a Nursing Home

It's often very difficult making the decision for our parents to move into a nursing home.  Nobody wants to think about their parents being mistreated.   Unfortunately, it can and does happen.  Consider this scenario:  "Jared" goes to visit his mom regularly at the...

Georgia Long Term Care Background Check Program

The State of Georgia is getting tough on elder abuse cases, which have continued to rise significantly across the state.  On March 15th, 2018, the House passed what will be known as the Georgia Long Term Care Background Check Program Bill.  This, also known as Senate...

Things You Should Know About Tickets in Georgia

Each state has its own set of laws regarding rules of the highways.  The State of Georgia is no different in that respect.  Some of the laws in Georgia are stricter, while some are not.  All states have mandatory seat belt laws, speed restrictions and requirements on...

Traffic Stop in Georgia

Seeing blue lights behind you often brings on feelings of panic even when you have done nothing wrong.  This shouldn't be the case but we have conditioned ourselves to the thought that if the police are pulling us over, we must have done something wrong.  A traffic...

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law

Imagine you are driving your regular business route from Alabama to South Carolina.  It's a beautiful day as you travel along I-75 through Atlanta, Georgia. As you sing along to songs from the radio, traffic is light and you are making excellent time for a mid-Monday...

Hands Free Driving Law

It's hard to think back to a time when we did not have a phone in our cars and trucks.  We have become so accustomed to being available 24 hours of the day to family, friends, work and social media.  However, an alarming statistic showed that most accidents were the...

Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer (rather than represent yourself)

Lawyers are often asked about whether someone should represent themselves.  This type of question comes up at parties, reunions and even family dinners.  It goes something like this:  "I have a friend (it's ALWAYS a friend), who was arrested, given a ticket, is being...

Tips for Attending Court

If you have never been to court before, you may no idea on how you should conduct yourself or how to dress.  Here are some helpful tips for attending court . Location Matters Every court room is different.  Judges have personalities too, and they have their own way of...

Hiring An Attorney Can Save You Money

If you are facing criminal charges, you may think hiring an attorney is a waste of money.  You may be concerned that it will just cost too much.  In fact, even if you plan to plead "guilty" for your charges, having your own attorney is critical. For one thing,...

Georgia Bail Bond Process

Georgia Bail Bond Process The bonding process in Georgia can be confusing.  The purpose of a "bond" is to provide a financial guarantee that you will return to court for all of your appearances until your case is completed or dismissed.  You, or a family member, pays...

Why You Should Check For Nursing Home Abuse

You may hear stories of nursing home abuse every day in the news. You may have followed some of the recent celebrity stories or even seen local stories of nursing home abuse on the Atlanta news.  It's hard to believe these things can happen here, so close to home.  In...

Georgia’s Traffic Citation

Imagine this scenario: Katie is driving to work early one morning.  She's tired from having too little sleep.  She's running late, knowing that one more time she will be fired.  Losing her job will mean she loses her apartment.  She's nearly to the parking lot with 5...

Without a Single Drop to Drink, You Can Still Get a DUI

Imagine the following: You are driving home late one evening.  Maybe you worked late.  Maybe you are a college student and you met a study group to prepare for upcoming finals.  When you are about half the way home, you see blue lights in your rear view mirror.  You...

Be Aware of Silent Elder Abuse: Dehydration and Malnutrition

Elder abuse and neglect are serious issues facing many elderly people in the Atlanta area as they live out their remaining years. While our senior citizens enter nursing homes, assisted living facilities or even stay in their own homes looking for the support and...

Unexplained Injuries And Mysterious Deaths In Professional Care Facilities

Unexplained Injuries And Mysterious Deaths In Professional Care Facilities Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities across Georgia are highly regulated. They shoulder important responsibilities in caring for some of the most vulnerable members of our...

ElderAbuse Continues to Happen

News channels and investigators all over the US continue to report stories with headlines such as: Woman pushes for cameras to prevent elder abuse DOJ Elder Abuse Cases Those are just two links in a long list of cases that made the news.  Many more take place,...

Elder Abuse: Are You Safe At Home?

Are you safe at home? It’s a simple question that family members, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists need to ask their older patients every time they visit.  Why? Because that simple question could open the door toward identifying...

Bedsores and Other Signs of Elder Abuse

If you have entrusted an elderly loved one's care to professionals at a nursing home, you likely did so based on the assumption that a facility would be able to provide better care than you could. Imagine the horror if you were to find out that your loved one had been...

Who Pays for Never Events?

Have you ever missed a doctor's appointment only to find that you have been billed for not cancelling within a period of time prior to the appointment?  This is a charge that your insurance company will not pay but you are expected to pay.  The theory behind this is...

Bedsore Pressure Sore Fact Sheet

What is a Bed Sore or Pressure Sore? Bedsores (also known as Pressure Sores) are areas of damage to the skin and underlying tissue which develops due to prolonged pressure or friction on vulnerable areas of the body.  Typical areas include, the tail bone, sacrum,...

Can You Sue for Bedsores or Pressure Sores?

Bedsores and pressure sores should never happen while in a hospital, nursing home or other facility.  The bedsore develops due to prolonged pressure or friction on vulnerable areas of the body.  Typical areas include, the tail bone, sacrum, hips, heels and elbows. ...

Understanding and Recognizing Elder Abuse

In general, elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent acts or omissions by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult. Federal and State surveys in the mid-‘80s determined that the...

Frequently Asked Questions During a Civil Deposition

Under the GA Civil Practice Act, opposing counsel has the right to take your deposition upon proper notice. As a party to civil litigation you may be required to appear at a specific time and place to give your oral testimony under oath and taken down by a court...

Key Deposition Pointers

Key Deposition Pointers A discovery deposition is the oral testimony of a witness taken down under oath and typed in a booklet format. Depositions are often taken in personal injury cases seeking money damages. Your attitude, truthfulness and appearance at the...

You Have Rights in Criminal and Civil Cases

You have Constitutional and Statutory Rights in Criminal and Civil Cases (Georgia)   The U.S. Constitution, Constitution of the State of GA, and GA Statutes provide a basis for your rights to a Trial by Jury and access to the courts. This is a non-exhaustive...

Mariaeliza Guerere Yanez
Mariaeliza Guerere Yanez
12:39 06 Jul 24
Excellent service, He handle my case in an exceptional manner.
Karin DeGroot
Karin DeGroot
00:53 27 Jun 24
David assisted our family with a case involving a traffic accident and ticket, as well as a subsequent civil suit. We had been issued a citation and were blamed for the wreck. We knew this was not true, and so we contacted David on the advice of a friend. David immediately went to work on our case. He wisely advised us to demand a jury trial rather than accept responsibility for a wreck we did not cause. We followed his advice, and he walked us through the process of getting the ticket dismissed. We were also sued in a civil suit as a result of the wreck, and David again helped us immensely as that was settled. David is very knowledgeable and knows the city of Atlanta well. His advice was spot on, and kept us from accepting unfair blame for this wreck. I highly recommend you contact his office if you find yourself involved in a traffic ticket or wreck in Atlanta. He will not disappoint!
taylor yao
taylor yao
19:23 24 Jun 24
I am immensely grateful to my attorney, David Crawford, for his exceptional support in my citation case. Thanks to his invaluable advice and skilled advocacy, my charges were dismissed, sparing me from possible jail time. His guidance before the court date and his ability to plead effectively on my behalf made all the difference. I highly appreciate his dedication and expertise!
Chase James
Chase James
17:08 24 May 24
David did an amazing job and was able to get my speeding ticket reduced with no points to my insurance !
mary margaret garrett
mary margaret garrett
18:38 22 May 24
David Crawford immediately started to work on my case the day I contacted him. He was easy to contact, responded quickly and was very proficient in getting the job done with the best outcome possible. Very thankful for his help and highly recommend his services.
Nicholas Taft
Nicholas Taft
20:25 07 May 24
I literally cannot recommend Mr. Crawford enough! He was extremely detailed and responsive when I first contacted him for his services, and that continued throughout our entire interaction. He was able to answer all of my questions and that provided me with the piece of mind I needed to stay focused on my case and my personal life without any additional stress. If you need legal representation, look no further. Thank you so much, Mr. Crawford!
Bartek Waclawik
Bartek Waclawik
15:27 25 Apr 24
Highly recommended. Great communication. I am an out of state client. The attorney took care of everything.
Shianne Daniels
Shianne Daniels
22:03 25 Mar 24
Mr. Crawford has provided me with nothing but the best support and representation. I have needed his service more than once and he has displayed professionalism and respect every time. Most importantly he asks, " What is it that I want?" I feel seen and heard. He gives sound counsel and I would recommend him and his team.
Jack Kilbourne
Jack Kilbourne
22:41 06 Mar 24
David Crawford is the best in the Atlanta area. He handles traffic cases without any hassle and produces ideal results.
Joseph Nmata
Joseph Nmata
17:04 26 Jan 24
David is a great Attorney.. He is patient, articulate and takes you to the end and in the clients best interest.. I will recommend him a thousand times.. Please get his services..
Jelani Chase
Jelani Chase
11:41 03 Oct 23
You know what is rare in our times? People who say what they mean and do as they say. David did exactly as he stated. We carved out a plan for a traffic violation and he executed exactly to plan. I am a happy customer. Thanks David!
Mark Hammond
Mark Hammond
16:00 06 Sep 23
Excellent experience with David Crawford. He is incredibly professional and responsive. He gives counsel that serves you best and is well connected. He made my experience seamless and his connections and tenure in court were evident!
Emin M
Emin M
21:35 15 Aug 23
David is very responsive and it was pleasure to have worked with him on my traffic case.
Megan Clark
Megan Clark
23:21 28 Jul 23
Working with Mr. Crawford was great. He communicated with me regularly and provided updates on my ticket situation as needed. He handled everything and I was very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Mr. Crawford!!
Priyamvad Das
Priyamvad Das
03:07 28 Jun 23
Top-notch attorney. Very friendly and helpful. Is very conversant of traffic law and always gets the best outcome.
Dan Magstadt
Dan Magstadt
14:30 06 Nov 22
Great law firm
Ashleigh Powell
Ashleigh Powell
22:00 01 Sep 22
Great communication! Would definitely recommend!
22:01 04 Feb 22
Positive: ProfessionalismI’m deaf and lawyer help me a lot and understand communication.
Jon Goog
Jon Goog
01:04 20 Jan 22
David Crawford assisted me through consultation for my first speeding ticket and was very honest.
Susan Susor
Susan Susor
04:18 23 Nov 21
David Crawford was a pleasure to work with in regards to my college age daughter’s traffic ticket. We did not want her to get 3 points added to her drivers license, so he explained what needed to be done in order to get the outcome we wanted in court. He represented my daughter in court, so she did not have to miss any college classes by going to court and in the end, it all turned out the way we wanted thanks to David Crawford. Would definitely use him again, but hope to not need his services!
Bhargav K
Bhargav K
14:23 15 Oct 21
Mr. Crawford is a good lawyer who really cares about customer service. He was very responsive to questions, thoroughly explained the process and was very realistic about what he could do for my traffic ticket case. He handled it well and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to hire him.
Porsche Sullivan
Porsche Sullivan
01:46 10 Sep 21
Thanks for everything, hire him, you won’t be sorry!
Jackson Armstrong
Jackson Armstrong
02:36 07 Aug 21
could not have been happier with his professionalism and optimism. very calm and collected and knows exactly how the system operates. definitely got me out of a pickle. 11/10
Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong
22:36 04 Aug 21
Mr. Crawford did an AMAZING job with assisting my 17 year old son when he got his first (and hopefully only!) speeding ticket. After explaining all of the options, risks, and expected outcomes, we agreed upon a course of action. After following his recommendations for my son to preemptively complete some defensive driving courses, Mr. Crawford , was able to achieve exactly the outcome that he led us to believe was attainable in our previous discussions (a non-reportable violation and a modest fine). His fee was very reasonable and he was responsive to communications and questions. I highly recommend Mr. Crawford!!!
Kerri Geach
Kerri Geach
16:53 07 Jun 21
We called Mr. Crawford when my son had a small accident but had to go to court because he was under 21. Because we are unfamiliar with court cases such as this, we called Mr. Crawford to assist us. It was a great decision and we were very happy with the results. He was efficient and knowledgeable. And we had favorable results. I believe he is reasonably priced and is well worth the money. Although you always hope not to need a lawyer, we will definitely call him again if needed.
John Lobo
John Lobo
21:12 29 May 21
David Crawford went above and beyond to help me with a citation and case that was over two years old. He is extremely professional and cares about his clients and responds fast to questions. I would definitely seek his services again and highly recommend him.
20:35 07 Mar 21
Mr. Crawford is a wonderful person to work with. Always available with advice and to answered all questions. He is the guy you want to get the job done!
Chasell Shockley
Chasell Shockley
14:47 11 Apr 17
Attorney David Crawford was great at handling several tickets I had involving my license. He was always available to answer any questions I had and did an excellent job at getting my cases resolved. He is reasonable and professional. Looking for an attorney had proven to be very difficult, but searching reviews of Mr. Crawford gave made it great choice. I would recommended him to anyone and for any needs I may ever need in the future. Thank you again Mr. Crawford!
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Traffic Violations

Most traffic violations are misdemeanors, but not all.   Misdemeanors are less serious crimes than felonies. In Georgia, traffic misdemeanors may be handled by the county probate court, state court, magistrate court, juvenile court, or municipal court.

Because each area (jurisdiction) handles its cases, it is important to seek out a lawyer to look over your case and advise you on your best course of action.

David Crawford regularly works in many counties and cities throughout Georgia helping clients with traffic violations and offenses.  If you have an arrest, citation, or suspended license, contact David for representation. 


Elder Abuse

Elder abuse encompasses a range of harmful behaviors towards older adults, including physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect and abandonment. In nursing homes, this abuse often goes unnoticed or unreported, making it a silent epidemic.

One of the most common results of neglect among our older population is bedsores and pressure sores.  This injury is caused by not tending to the person's body regularly.  Bedridden people must be turned, moved, and treated for sores and when that does not happen, ulcers appear on the skin.  Untreated, they will become infected which can lead to death.  

Criminal Defense

From DUIs to misdemeanors and felonies, attorney David Crawford is there to see that you are fairly treated throughout the criminal justice process and to fight for your rights. His previous successes include dismissal of charges, reduced charges, probation or parole instead of prison time and reduced jail time. When facing a criminal conviction, there’s a lot at stake – your freedom. Other consequences include a permanent criminal record, hefty fines and loss of future employment. If you’re facing a criminal charge, turn to attorney David Crawford for the best criminal defense. He’s a strong defense attorney to have in your corner.